Single Page Apps - A Framework Agnostic Approach (heise Developer)


My article on heise developer

I wrote an article for heise developer (in german) about how to write single page apps without using frameworks.

I had the idea for this topic because I was so tired about all these technology decision discussions in past companies. "Should we use Angular or React? Or what about Vue? What is better?".

I think that we as developers have to remember that we use technologies just for one reason: "Solving a real world problem". Technologies help us to achieve this goal and I really love to play with new technologies. But they are not an end in itself.

The article focuses on the patterns and ideas behind single page apps which most of the available frameworks have in common. Furthermore it shows how to implement basic concepts of single page apps e.g. a clientside router and the MVVM architecture by using ES2015+.

I'm deeply convinced that it's way more important and sustainable to know the concepts and to know why things are done in a specific way, instead of always chasing behind the latest shiny thing.

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